Our Home Welcomes You

When you open the rustic wooden door of Village Hands Café, the scents of freshly baked pastries enrapture you, as kind, welcoming faces offer you the delight of your personal cup of coffee. You look around, and the walls are adorned with hand crafted art pieces, and if you look closer, a local artist’s signature.

These are the significant little details that café owner, joy enthusiast, and coffee roaster Ekaterina “Kate” Knizhina is inspired by. During her work days in New York City, where she learned the complexities of food business operations, the whimsy of the Chelsea and Essex Markets entranced her, inspiring her to build what we now know as our cozy, coffee-fueled escape that in the heart of Monroe, New York.

But this little place did not start off as the café we know and love.

Village Hands was once an abandoned structure, without a foundation, a roof, and much of a purpose. However, by restoring and implicating renewable practices, Kate and friends flipped this vacant, dilapidated building into a lush, vibrant, and attractive establishment to provide local goods and artisinal provisions to the community.

Customers who come to Village Hands aren’t just buying food, but becoming a part of the whole story, by supporting their town’s economy, feeding local families of the Hudson Valley, and feeling good about returning time and time again.

You can find Village Hands’ flagship store in Monroe, New York where they offer their line of world-sourced products, hand-crafted pieces made by artists in the community, and of course, their delicious, home-roasted fair-trade coffee.

Ekaterina Knizhina with her daughter, Rada, setting up Village Hands Café for a successful day.

Village Hands Café Mission Statement

Village Hands Café emerged as a small local coffee shop, eatery, and marketplace with a larger goal in mind. Not only do we bring delicious goods from farmers and families of the Hudson Valley to our customers’ plates, but we wish to create a ripple in the farm-to-table movement and impact the world at large.

Village Hands Café aims to support local businesses to fuel the economy and provide customers with the most fresh, safe, and delicious options available. Our specialty foods include dairy products from Hudson Valley Fresh, farm-fresh eggs from Country Side Farms, sugar bush maple syrup from Hill Top Farm, and ethically sourced coffee from South America and Africa.

Village Hands Café is also rooted in sustainable practices by returning profits from retail sales to the coffee farmers. Village Hands Café wishes to provide outstanding food service, incomparable coffee, and peace of mind to their customers and the community at large.

Village Hands Café – Where Friends Gather.


We at Village Hands Café have noticed a bit of a trend.

When you return the help and support to the non-for-profits who quietly heavy-lift your community’s most precious beings and resources, the favor always comes back to you and then some, creating a cycle of growth and strength, both spiritual and economic, to the community at large.

This is why we have chosen to share the profits from each retail bag of our ethically sourced, home-roasted coffee with non-for-profits in the Hudson Valley region – to watch our neighbors, small businesses, farmers and friends grow and overcome the current economic crisis we are facing today.

Giving back means that we can continue to supply our delicious, ethically sourced coffee to our customers who love it, and profits with those who make it a priority to support the well being of those around them.

We decide who we share our profits with by analyzing what they stand for. We believe that every human, plant, and animal deserves the utmost respect and quality of life, no matter where they’ve come from or where they’re going. This means that non-for-profits organizations who have the wellbeing of others in mind become our first priority.

We have launched our first division of coffee products to support the Iron Horse Sanctuary, whose mission is to improve equine welfare standards and stamp out animal cruelty.


By subscribing to our coffee program, not only do you save money on your morning brew, but you personally and directly help these local non-for-profits who we depend on every day. One day you may be assisting an injured mare back to health; another day aiding a farmer to repair a tractor, aiding the entire community to become a well-oiled machine.

Village Hands Café & Coffee Roasters exists not just to supply delicious coffee.

Every single bag provides support directly to the source which helps nurture us all.

Customer Service Initiative

Your business matters to us. We firmly believe that accessing direct support and assistance should be seamless. Our team is comprised of industry professionals who can guide you through any order question, and our Maintenance and Technical Support and Barista Education teams can provide in-person solutions through any problems that may arise.

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